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Colton Parish lies between Windermere and Coniston Water in the southern part of the Lake District, occupying an area of about 20 sq miles. There is no main settlement in the Parish - it is a collection of small villages, hamlets and farms across 3 valleys: Coniston Water and the Crake Valley in the west, the Rusland Valley in the middle and Windermere and the Leven Valley  to the east. Click on the thumbnail image, left, for a map.

See also the Rusland Valley Community Website for local information, including the forthcoming

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28/29th March


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For information about parish councils and their role in the community, go to the 'Cumbria Association of Local Councils' webpage:

Latest Information:

  • AGENDA for Parish Council meeting Monday 23rd March, Rusland Reading Rooms.
  • Colton Community Plan
    Text-only version 2.03.15  (annexes to be completed). Please note: the final Plan will be constructed as an on-line document with optional PDF downloads.

The 'Connecting Cumbria' project is rolling out across Cumbria. Colton Parish is expected to get 70% of properties connected to Superfast Broadband (24+Mbps). We may get more properties connected if they are registered business addresses.  To help with this, the Parish Council is developing a business register (see link below). This alphabetical list of business names started life from publicly available information on the internet and shows businesses that are said to be based in Colton Parish. If you would like to add details of your business (e.g. by giving contact information, type of services etc) so that they can be seen by local residents, then please send these details to the Clerk at If you would like the name of your business removed from the list, please contact the Clerk. For the latest information on the Broadband Campaign, go to  Mike Postle's blog at

Colton Business Register (PDF)


If you need further information, please email the Clerk, Mandy Lane.





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