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Colton Parish is an area of some 20 sq miles between Windermere and Coniston Water in the southern part of the Lake District.
There is no main settlement in the Parish - it is a collection of small villages, hamlets and farms across 3 valleys: Coniston Water and the Crake Valley in the west, the Rusland Valley in the middle and Windermere and the Leven Valley to the east. Click on the thumbnail image, left, for a map.  The photograph above (copyright, Teresa Morris) is taken from Rusland Heights (just west of High Dam) looking over the Rusland Valley to Bethecar Moor, Grizedale and the Coniston Fells in the background.

See also the  Rusland Valley Community Website  for local information.                                     COLTON COMMUNITY PLAN 2015


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  • Agenda for Parish Council meeting, Monday 24th October Bouth Village Hall, 7pm


Deer Poaching and Rural Crime
Cumbria Police, Ulverston & Furness Policing team.

In response to concerns raised by the Forestry Commission, Parish Councils, local residents and farmers together with calls for service to poaching incidents, we are increasing uniformed patrols in the rural areas of Ulverston East.  As a rural County, issues reported regularly by the community are in relation to poaching of deer.  All wildlife crime can be difficult to prevent and investigate as it quite often takes place out of sight of the public but when intelligence and information is received there are a number of wildlife crime officers (WCO) based around the County who can investigate these incidents. Currently these officers carry out their wildlife investigations as a secondary role to their core responsibility which is policing of our neighbourhoods.

Incidents should be reported as you would any other incident, by calling Cumbria Police on 101 or in an emergency 999.  Alternatively if you would like to discuss an issue with a Wildlife Crime Officer, please use the non-emergency number or email:
For more information and advice, please see our website using the following link:


  • Cumbria Tourism: My Cumbria discount card for residents (click on image below for details)
  • Fuel Purchasing Groups in Colton - click on the following links for information:
- Colton Oil Syndicate
- Colton LPG Purchasing Group

If you need further information, please email the Clerk, Mandy Lane.





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