Colton Parish Council


The Colton Parish Community Plan is the second of Colton's Plans, the first 'Parish Plan' being published in 2003.This original Plan set the scene for Colton Parish, providing important historical background and contributions from community groups and organisations. A questionnaire survey led to an 'Action Plan' which was reviewed and updated every 3 years.


This second 'Community Plan' canvassed local opinion through a second questionnaire survey, incorporating the original questions, to enable backwards-comparison. From the results of this survey, and from the issues raised with the Parish Council over the past few years, a set of policies and actions have been drawn up under 6 main headings listed below. The Parish Council will use this Plan as a working document to inform decisions and to target funding.

  • The Local Economy

  • Landscape and the Natural Environment

  • Communities and Well-being

  • Housing and Other Development

  • Roads, Traffic and Transport

  • Energy and Sustainability

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