last update 13th February 2016


Cumbria County Council runs a number of different Community Transport Schemes - see their website for full details.


The Community Transport Schemes that operate in Colton Parish include the following:

  • The Voluntary Car Scheme, organized by Cumbria CC in Carlisle (contact Katy Wood on 01228 226721) and run by a local coordinator (Marguerite Calvert 0n 01229 885498) using volunteer drivers in their own vehicles. The service claims to only cover Oxen Park and Lowick at the moment, and is dependent on driver availability. Users must pre-book via the coordinator, and pay 37p per mile, cash only, for a door to door service. Drivers are paid 45p per mile for their efforts, and more volunteer drivers are always being sought.  See leaflet: Voluntary Social Car Scheme for more details on the scheme.
  • Rural Wheels, also administered by Cumbria CC (contact 0845 6023786) is where users must purchase a 5 smartcard to register membership. This comes with a 5 credit so membership is in effect free. The service which uses local taxis, must be undertaken between 8.30am and 6pm and is limited to 2 return trips per week to the nearest town. Again pre-booking is necessary, is door to door and costs 37p per mile (or 25p for shared journeys). See leaflet:  Rural Wheels South Lakeland for more details.
  • The Community Minibus scheme which provides accessible and affordable minibus transport for hire for community groups and organisations, and is either self-drive or with a volunteer driver. The scheme is administered by Cumbria CC. See or contact Linda Howarth on 01539 727001.
  • The Royal Voluntary Service (contact 0845 608 0122) which provides help particularly to the elderly to get to hospital and GP appointments, or to shops or into town.

  • Other community transport initiatives operating in other areas include:

    - On-line lift sharing (

    - Peer-to-Peer car hire (

    - Wheels to work for younger people (currently being developed elsewhere in Cumbria)

    - Informal or locally organized car sharing

    - Village Wheels schemes, that are demand led fixed route journeys that run to a timetable, usually to the nearest town