Colton Parish Council - Governance, Administration and Reports
last update 11th May 2017


Policies and Procedures

- Code of Conduct: (approved July 2012)
Standing Orders:  (approved July 2015)
Financial Regulations: (approved Sept 2015)
  • Other Documentation

- Publication Scheme (2015)
- Representatives on Working Groups and Outside Bodies 15/16

- Council's Action Plan for 2015/16
- Complaints Procedure
- Risk Assessment for 2015/16 and 2016/17
- Training Policy
- Clerk's Contract
- Lengthsman's Contract
- Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

  Clerk's qualifications:
- Certification in Local Council Administration (CiLCA)
- General Power of Competence (GPC)









Accounts for FY 15/16 (status as of 9th July 2016):

Accounts for FY 14/15:

Past Accounts

Councillor Guides and Forms









Colton Community Plan 2015
Colton Community Plan Action Plan: Progress, March 2017

Chairman's Reports

Housing Needs Surveys    


        The above documents are also available in hard copy form and can be borrowed on application to the Clerk.