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(Last update 19th February 2018)


Colton LPG Purchasing Group

Two years ago, an LPG purchasing group was set up with a view to saving money for all its members. A survey of those interested quickly revealed that a surprisingly wide range of prices were being charged for the gas supplied. The only consistent thing was that everyone was paying much more than they could have been! A group price, which represented a substantial saving for everyone, was negotiated with Calor  (including for those who were already Calor customers). It is now time to review the current arrangement and to agree a new price with Calor, or with another supplier, if Calor is not competitive.

If you live within the area broadly bounded by Lowick and Water Yeat to the West; Finsthwaite and Lakeside to the East; Satterthwaite and Grizedale to the North; and the A590 to the South, and are interested in being part of the purchasing group, contact Rick Emslie at rick.emslie@oxenpark.eu or on 07785 248145.



Rubbish and Recycling

The closest comprehensive recycling centre is Ulverston - Booth's car-park for: cans, cardboard, glass, paper, plastic, oxfam and salvation army collection point.



Tips for Visitors

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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Parish of Colton. We hope you enjoy your stay in this peaceful part of the Lake District. Much of the Parish is designated as an area for quiet enjoyment and we hope you appreciate this and wish to join us in preserving this status. Here is some information which we hope you will find useful during your stay:

ˇ       Shops and Post-Offices:  Please try to use our local shops and services whenever you can; your custom is important to their survival. Greenodd has a general store and post-office, a butcher and a baker. Backbarrow also has a general store and post-office. Ulverston is the nearest town - it has a 'Booth's' supermarket, as well as a thriving town centre with numerous small shops and cafés.

ˇ       Petrol Stations: The nearest are at Ulverston and Newby Bridge.

ˇ       Doctor's Surgeries:   Haverthwaite: 015395 31619,   Hawkshead: 015394 36246

ˇ       Dentists: Ulverston.

ˇ       Vets:

o      Ulverston: South Lakes Veterinary Centre (01229 582900) or Church Walk Vets (01229 583675)

o      Grange-over-Sands: Archway Veterinary Practice (015395 32669)

ˇ       Police: Ulverston Police Station. Dial 999 in emergency. Non-emergency number: 101

ˇ       Parking: Car-parking spaces are limited on the narrow lanes. If you are booking a holiday cottage, please ensure that it has sufficient car-parking spaces for the number of vehicles you intend to bring.

ˇ       Rubbish and Recycling:  South Lakeland District Council collects non-recyclable rubbish in the grey bins once per fortnight, and glass, cans and paper in the blue boxes also once per fortnight in the intervening weeks. The green bin is for garden waste only and will not be collected if used for ordinary rubbish. If you are staying in a holiday cottage, there should be a notice up showing the collection days for your area. Please remember to put the right bins/boxes out on the right days, otherwise we all get some very unwelcome visitors of the small, brown and furry kind!  Plastic: Plastic is not collected, but please collect plastic rubbish in a bag during your stay and then take it to one of the many recycling centres. The nearest collection points are: Ulverston - Booth's car-park; Hawkshead car-park; Grange-over-Sands - Berner's Close car-park; Kendal - Asda and Morrisons; Windermere -Booths car-park.

ˇ       Dogs: The Lake District is a wonderful place to walk with your 4-legged friend, but even the most well-behaved dog can be tempted to chase sheep. Chasing alone can cause significant harm and suffering (e.g. broken legs or abortion of lambs). Please keep your dog on a lead when walking through fields with livestock and under close control on the fells.

ˇ       Roads and Driving: Most of our lanes are very narrow, winding and have no white lines. It is important to drive on the left-hand side of the road (not in the middle), and also to slow down if you can't see to your stopping distance. Please drive slowly and carefully past horses and stop if you encounter farm stock (sheep, cattle) being driven along the road - wait for instructions from the farmer and please be patient. Please do not use your horn.

ˇ       Off-road driving:  Please be aware that you are only allowed to take motorised vehicles (e.g. trail bikes and 4x4s) off-road on "unclassified roads (UCRs) and By-ways Open to All Traffic (BOATs)" in the Parish of which there are only 8 in total. Seasonal restrictions apply in some cases. It is a criminal offence to take a vehicle onto land other than a road or By-way Open to All Traffic without permission - you will be reported to the police if seen doing so. Motorised traffic is causing a huge amount of damage to the delicate habitat of the fells. 

ˇ       Insect Bites:.

o      Midges and Harvest-mites: Bring anti-histamine cream to relieve itching. Harvest mites are particularly active in late summer. Typically you will see a series of small itchy bites where clothes are tight-fitting, e.g. sock and underwear elastic! Try not to scratch them - they will disappear over a few days.

o      Ticks: A tick is a small, blood-sucking mite. Normally it lives on blood from larger animals, like deer, but it may also attach itself to humans. It is advisable to try to carefully remove the whole tick with a special tick-removal tool (available from chemists). Most tick bites are harmless, but some carry infection (Lyme's disease). You should check for a red rash which appears between 3 and 30 days as a spreading red ring around the bite, and any feeling of fatigue, swollen glands, stiff neck or fever. See a Doctor if any of these symptoms occur.


Issued by Colton Parish Council.      Clerk: Mandy Lane

Tel: 01229 861408
Email: coltonpc@btinternet.com
Web: www.coltonparishcouncil.org.uk

Updated December 2014