Planning Applications 2016
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The parish council receives a copy of any planning application which has been made within the parish, and has 28 days in which to respond.  In order to meet this deadline, the plans are circulated and a majority decision is made. The Cumbria Association for Local Councils Planning Guide provides guidance on how to respond to planning applications and what issues constitute 'material' considerations (those relevant to planning authorities' decisions when considering applications).

Advice on applying for planning permission can be found at  This site tells you whether or not you will need planning permission, and how to go about making an application.

Planning applications are viewable on-line, see the following websites:

Any objections expressed by Colton Parish Council are provided as links to PDF* files below.                   

Click here for links to planning applications for past years.

Planning Applications in Colton Parish 2016        (go to 2015)

Date Recd.  Application No Location and Proposal Response Due Date /
Parish Council Decision
(or SLDC) Decision 
10.12.16 7/2016/5844 Thornlea, Colton. Demolition of existing flat roofed garage and construction of single storey pitched building to house exercise facilities. Neutral Granted
09.12.16 7/2016/5839

.         Nibthwaite Grange Farm: Change of use to farm diversification business in part of a previously approved local occupancy dwelling.

Support subject to local occupancy condition Granted
26.11.16 7/2016/5817 The Knoll Country House, Lakeside: Installation of sewage treatment plant in grounds Neutral Granted
18.11.16 7/2016/5764 Black Beck Farm, Bouth: Conversion of agricultural building to 3-bedroom dwelling with rear garden Support subject to local occupancy condition Granted
11.11.16 7/2016/5744 Millstream Cottage, Lakeside. Package treatment plant to replace septic tank Neutral Granted
05.10.16 7/2016/5751 Hulleter Little Pastures, near Oxen Park: Installation of EE telecommunications mast and apparatus; ancillary equipment cabinets; fenced compound. Support subject to design modifications Granted
22.10.16 7/2016/5712 Ford Cottage, Rusland. Extension of cottage into barn. Neutral Granted
06.10.16 7/2016/5644 Land at Arklid Great Wood. Removal and replacement of antennas on mast. Neutral Granted
06.10.16 7/2016/5664 Rocky Bank, Lakeside: Single storey extension to provide new kitchen, enlarged existing dining room and master bedroom. Neutral Granted
24.09.16 7/2016/5592 Boater's Restaurant (Lakeside Hotel), Lakeside: Extension for storage and office accommodation for Lakeside Hotel. Neutral Granted
17.09.16 7/2016/5614 Black Beck Caravan Site: Application for lawful development certificate for holiday caravans in Touring Area 1 (For information only, though Colton PC queried accuracy of application) Refused
15.09.16 7/2016/5609 Kirkthwaite Cottage, Oxen Park. Variation of condition 2 of application 7/2016/5208 relating to roof height, width of extension ad roof of porch. (Minor material amendment) Support Granted
10.09.16 7/2016/5190 Land off Colton Hill, Spark Bridge: Building for storage of equipment and processing of timber. (Note: application form shows 30m long building, but plan has been subsequently amended to 21m long). Neutral (provided no business use, visiting public or bulk transport) Approved (Notice of Intention only required)
08.09.16 7/2016/5527 Hill Top, Penny Bridge: Single storey extension and change of use of agricultural land to domestic curtilage. Neutral Granted
19.08.16 7/2016/5545 Colton Farm, Colton: Change of use and extension of existing agricultural building to agricultural worker's dwelling. Support Granted
03.08.16 7/2016/5503 Colton Farm, Colton: Erection of sheep and cattle building Neutral Granted
27.07.16 7/2016/5489 Tottlebank Farm, Greenodd: to roof existing cattle feeding area Neutral Granted
08.07.16 7/2016/5424 Millstream Cottage, Lakeside: Single storey outbuilding as garage shed. Log store. Proposed porch. Neutral Granted
27.05.16 7/2016/5312 Greenbank, Oxen Park: Single storey extension to rear of property Support Granted
27.05.16 7/2016/5258 Buck Yeats Lodge Park, Lakeside. Works to existing park entrance: dry stone wall. Granite cobble edging and rumble strips to entrance. New motorised timber gate. Neutral Granted
21.06.16 T/2016/0081 Skinners Pasture, Rusland: Removal of limb over road Support Granted
18.05.16 7/2016/5295 Bridge End Farm, Penny Bridge. Covering existing midden/silage pad with roofing to match existing and pre-cast concrete panels and yorkshire boarding to east elevation Neutral Granted
14.05.16 T/2016/0060 Skinners pasture, Rusland. Removal of branch over road from 1 beech tree (on safety grounds - diseased cavity above) Support Granted
29.04.16 7/2016/5008 Buck Yeats Lodge Park: Improvements to existing lodge park: New/realigned concrete bases, new decks, bulk gas compound, new sections of tarmac road, defined parking bays. Object Granted
21.04.16 7/2016/5208 Kirkthwaite Cottage, Oxen Park. Replacement of tin roof and flat felt roof with pitched slate. Demolish existing porch/shower room with new small extension. Increase pitch of porch roof. Support Granted
21.04.16 7/2016/5161 Ridding Bay, Lakeside: Replacement boathouse with day room over, and extended jetty Support (with provisos) Granted
01.04.16 7/2016/5103 High Hay Bridge, Bouth. Minor extensions and alterations, and provision of package sewage treatment plant. Neutral Granted
31.03.16 7/2016/5172 Finsthwaite. Mast: removal of existing spine headframe supporting 3 antennas and replacement with new supporting 4. Alterations within equipment cabin and ancillary development. Neutral Granted
26.03.16 7/2016/5197 Windy Hall, Rusland. Erection of double detached garage Neutral Granted
27.02.16 7/2016/5127 The Old Post House, Stott Park. Variation of conditions on application 7/2014/5730 (allowed on appeal). Neutral Granted
18.02.16 7/2016/5059 Ridding Bay Lodge, Lakeside. Alterations and extensions to form private pool and recreation area. Neutral Granted
19.02.16 7/2016/5134 Bullace Cottage, Finsthwaite. Modernisation and alteration of cottage. Neutral Granted
27.01.16 7/2016/5051 Abbot Park Farm, Bandrake Head: General-purpose Storage Building Notice of Intention - no response required. Confirmed
07.01.16 7/2015/5698 Bluebell Wood House, Lakeside: Proposed first-floor balcony and replacement windows. Neutral Granted
















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