Planning Applications 2017
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The parish council receives a copy of any planning application which has been made within the parish, and has 28 days in which to respond.  In order to meet this deadline, the plans are circulated and a majority decision is made. The Cumbria Association for Local Councils Planning Guide provides guidance on how to respond to planning applications and what issues constitute 'material' considerations (those relevant to planning authorities' decisions when considering applications).

Advice on applying for planning permission can be found at  This site tells you whether or not you will need planning permission, and how to go about making an application.

Planning applications are viewable on-line, see the following websites:

Any objections expressed by Colton Parish Council are provided as links to PDF* files below.                   

Click here for links to planning applications for past years.

Planning Applications in Colton Parish 2017        (go to 2016)

Date Recd.  Application No Location and Proposal Response Due Date /
Parish Council Decision
(or SLDC) Decision 
Nov 2017 7/2017/5749 Land on south bank of river Leven adjacent to Kid Haw Island, Newby Bridge: Construction of new boat house with living accommodation above Object  
Nov 2017 7/2017/5776 Forest Field, Colton: Dismantle greenhouse and erect aluminium greenhouse Support  
Nov 2017 7/2017/5784 Tottlebank Farm, Greenodd: Erection of purpose bui;t dairy and milking parlour Support  
Nov 2017 7/2017/5671 Water Park, High Nibthwaite: Creation of a channel to divert water. Support  
Nov 2017 7/2017/5761 Oxen Park Farm, Oxen Park: Change of use of old farmhouse, adjoining barns and part of adjoining field to holiday letting accommodation. Object  
Oct 2017 7/2017/5692 Bandrake House, Bandrake Head: Conversion of barn and domestic store to holiday let. Object Withdrawn
Oct 2017 7/2017/5630 Erection of poly tunnel on land at Fall Stile, near 3, The Causeway, Bouth. Object  
Oct 2017 7/2017/5665 Agricultural building on land adjacent to Thwaite Bridge House, Rusland Object Refused
Sept 2017 7/2017/5588 Black Beck Caravan Site, Bouth: application to allow an all year round holiday season for 305 holiday caravans and 65 touring caravans Object Withdrawn
Sept 17 SL/2017/0687 Kirkby Moor wind farm extension Object  
Sept 17 7/2017/5642 Rose Cottage, Lakeside: Erection of single dwelling house at former joiner's workshop. Neutral Approved with conditions
Sept 17 7/2017/5649 Nibthwaite Grange Farm, Nibthwaite: A roofed structure to cover the slurry pit and farmyard manure area Notice of Intention only Refused Under NOI Procedure
Sept 17 7/2017/5384 Stock Park Mansion, High Stott Park: Attic conversion to create 1 apartment Object Approved with conditions
23.06.17 7/2017/5397 Arklid Great Wood, Nibthwaite: Proposed 1 no Airwave 0.6m diameter dish antenna at 14.2m Notice of Intention Only Approval not required
23.06.17 7/2017/5325 Great Knott Wood, Lakeside: Improve existing road access arrangements Neutral Approved with conditions
19.06.17 7/2017/5388 2, Danes Howe, Rusland: Construction of detached domestic open garage and workshop/store building Support Approved with conditions
05.06.17 7/2017/5334 Buck Yeats Coach House: infilling of historic quarry to form garden Neutral Approved
25.05.17 7/2017/5329 Fell Foot Park, Newby Bridge: management of bat roost under conditions Neutral Approved with conditions
23.04.17 7/2017/5250 Land immediately south of Lilac Cottage, Oxen Park. Change of use of agricultural land to residential curtilage, primarily for parking Support Approved with conditions
21.03.17 7/2017/5164 Haycote, Bridgefield, Lowick Bridge: Proposed garage Neutral Approved
12.01.17 7/2017/5006 Low Hay Bridge. Bouth: Proposal to construct a perimeter bund around Hulleter Moss and two new water courses Object Approved with conditions
01.02.17 7/2017/5001 The creation of a track and off-road parking for Danes Howe. A new gravel track. Support, subject to approval by HIghways. Approved (with conditions)
26.02.17 7/2017/5025 Land east of Arklid Farm, Nibthwaite: Installation of 1 no 15m high lattice tower, 4 no antennas, 3 no transmission dishes, ancillary equipment cabinets, fenced compound and 50m of new access track.  



Approved (with conditions)

26.02.17 7/2017/5110 Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside: Replacement of 3 existing timber jetties and installation of 1 new jetty Neutral Approved
Feb 17 7/2017/5063 Modern portal frame building to house animal feed Notice of Intention confirmed N/A











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