Community Links

Within our community, there are several very useful facilities where events are held, such as village halls, reading rooms, and clubs. To learn more about these facilities, and find out what events are scheduled, please visit their website for more details. If you would like a facility adding to this list, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Bouth Village Hall

The village hall is used for all types of village and private events such as quiz nights, flexx classes, WI meetings, bingo, painting classes, birthday parties, music, etc. The hall is run by a committee on behalf of the residents of Bouth.

Colton Church Hall

Colton Church dates back to around 1531-1539 when it was built on the site of an earlier chapel. Adjacent to the Church is the School House, built in 1745 and closed in around 1969, which now serves as the church hall.

Lakeside & Finsthwaite Village Hall

A beautiful traditional Lakeland building with 2 rooms, which was once the village school. Today it is fully modernised and developed for community use with central heating, large cooker and seating for around 40 people.

Oxen Park Cinema Club

The Oxen Park Cinema Club (OPCC) is a small charity that aims to bring the enjoyment of film to the rural communities of Colton and surrounding parishes. We began in early 2002 and are run through a committee of local residents who meet at least once a month.

Oxen Park Reading Room

Built by subscription c.1903, Oxen Park Reading Room (OPRR) underwent major redevelopment in 2015. It is a small village hall located within Oxen Park, serving the villagers of Oxen Park, Bandrake Head and surrounding areas.

Rusland Horizons Trust

The Rusland Horizons Trust Ltd. has been established to continue the essential work of Rusland Horizons (2016-2019), one of the first community-led Heritage Lottery Landscape Partnership Schemes.

Rusland Reading Room

Rusland Reading Room is a traditional stone-build community hall in the heart of the Rusland Valley opposite the beautiful St Paul’s church, Rusland.

Spark Bridge Village Hall

Spark Bridge Village Hall is located in the heart of the village adjacent to the River Crake. It’s well equipped and can accommodate parties of up to 50 people. The hall is at the heart of the community and is used for all kinds of activities and events.