Views of Colton

Apr 9, 2020

Images sent in by Cllr Bob Henson, looks as though the sun managed to make an appearance!

Feel free to send images in to help brighten up our website, we live in such a beautiful part of Cumbria so let us fill these pages with images of Colton Parish for those who have to settle for seeing photographs of the new lambs and of the bluebells that are just emerging!

More News

Guide to covid-19 vaccinations

Please find attached a publication from the British Society for Immunology about covid-19 vaccinations that may be of interest to you and which gives scientific facts in an easy to read format, hope you find it useful?

It’s OK to ask for help!

As the Covid19 pandemic continues to impact on us all, colleagues and partners from the South Lakeland Community Resilience group and NHS Better Care Together team have put together a video to reinforce the message that it’s OK to ask for help, whatever your situation...

Covid vaccination timetable

Attached is a ‘vaccination ladder’ produced by NHS communications explaining the priority groups in the first phase of the vaccination roll-out. This is to make people aware of when to expect to be vaccinated and also to ask for help from the public in reducing...

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