Useful Contacts

Here you will find links and information to external organisations and documents which both residents and visitors to Colton Parish may find useful. To have a website or other relevant useful information added to this page, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Colton Parish and broadband

Mike Postle, of Colton Parish, produces a regular blog and is a real advocate for Colton Parish in helping the Parish get “connected”.  You can find his regular blog here and if you want to be notified of a new post, then you need to subscribe which you can do by clicking on the red title and at the bottom of the page is a subscribe button.

Cumbria Community Foundation

Have a scheme for members of the public to donate towards a fund that is available to support older people on low incomes with grants towards heating bills, see the Winter Warmth Scheme via the attached link

They also run a scheme encouraging second homeowners and holiday let owners to donate towards schemes that support projects in Cumbria, see the Home from Home Fund.

Colton Oil Syndicate

For the chance of cheaper heating oil (kerosene, 28 second), join us and become part of the Colton Oil Syndicate.

Save Money on LPG

If you would like the opportunity to reduce your spend on LPG then please contact Rick Emslie on 07785 248145

Crake Valley Mailing List

A mailing list for people living, working or interested in what goes on in and around the Crake Valley in the South Lakes.

Flood Action Campaign

Spread the word and help people stay safe and prepared for flooding. In England there are over 5 million homes at risk of flooding.
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