The term Lengthsman was coined in the 1700s in a concept rooted in the Tudor Era as far back as War of the Roses and enclosure. Originally, it referred to someone who kept a “length” of road neat, tidy and passable in the middle ages, with particular emphasis on boundary marking.

For clearing and digging out roadside drains, strimming at junctions, and cleaning signs, contact the Clerk to ask for the Lengthsman to visit. Archie Workman is contracted for 3 days per month, paid for through your precept (the portion of the Council Tax you pay to the Parish Council).

If you want to ask for the lengthsman’s assistance please contact the Parish Clerk. Should the Parish Clerk be unavailable and the matter is urgent, please contact Cllr David Hoyle.

Verge Cutting

Information relating to the verge-cutting regimes in and around Colton Parish by Cumbria County Council can be found here.

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